Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Star Reviews for my debut young adult novel!!!

I'm so excited to share some fabulous reviews for my debut young adult novel, Change.

Here's what readers are saying, and it's only been available for 9 days!!

"I loved this. Time flew as I read this, and it left me wanting more of the same. Kind of Twilight-y, yet not. At times, the innocence of the love affair, Hunter's gentleness and protectiveness, and his determination not to rush her, harm or compromise her, or sway her into becoming his mate, made him seem very much like Edward Cullen, but Riley had more backbone and was more independent-thinking than Ms Swan."
- 5 Star Amazon reader review (Top 500 Reviewer)

"I really enjoyed reading this book. I feel like you fall in love with Hunter by the way the author describes him and the way he interacts with Riley. Honestly it truly left me wanting more. There has to be a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Another 5 Star Amazon reader review

 Want to buy it?? Click here if you're in the US/AUS/NZ or here if you're in the UK. Soraya xxoo

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