Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Review!

I'm taking a quick moment away from editing - my next book is due to my editor in about 24 hours - to share a lovely review of my latest release, Back in the Soldier's Arms. Here's what Wendy the Super Librarian had to say about the book, and if you want to read the full review click here.

This is "a book that the author should consider entering in the awards circuit next year, and a book that will move mountains when it finds the right reader, at the right time. It's also a book that effectively cuts through the cookie-cutter fluffy label that gets slapped on category romance way too often for me to even be remotely tolerant about it anymore. It's too hard of a book for me to declare undying love for, but it is brave as hell. I hope the author is rewarded for it - whether it be with royalties, awards, or just really moving, awesome fan mail."

Thanks Wendy!! You can follow her other reviews via twitter - @SuperWendy

Soraya xxoo

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