Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Things have been hectic here so I'm behind on everything! Meeting deadlines, summer vacation, our baby turning the big 1 ... there's been a lot going on. But I'm still here and I'm still writing like crazy!

I'll post excerpts from my upcoming release, Back in the Soldier's Arms, soon, but here's the US cover for you to enjoy in the meantime. This book is part of my ongoing series - Heroes Come Home. You can order the book here.

Soraya xxoo


TashNz said...

Hi Soraya, sorry to see you go over at the Cats blog, heaps of good wishes coming your way and I look forward to your future books :)))

Soraya Lane - Romance Author said...

Hi Tash! Thanks for your lovely message over at the LoveCats blog :)

I'll still be blogging here when I can, but I'm mostly found tweeting @Soraya_Lane. It's faster and easier when I'm on the go!!

Soraya xxoo

TashNz said...

Hi Soraya. You're very welcome! I cant imagine how you and your colleagues get in the time to write as much as you do as well as look after your families and farms etc... I never seem have enough time in the day. You all do an amazing job :) Thank you muchly for the twitter address. I hope our lovely (not in Auckland haha) weather is being kind to you. Tash

Melissa Lockhart said...

I'm amazed at all you authors. I really am. I mean you all juggle faniliy, work and fit writing in. So glad you do it. You are one talented lady. xxoo