Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My debut Harlequin Romance was listed on NetGalley for professional reviewers to access, and I have some great reviews to share!

Over at Good Choice Reading, Wendy said:

"I really liked this book. I did tear up a bit and I laughed at others. I don't ever want to imagine having a husband who died at war. Would I be as graceful as Lisa was? I don't know and never want to know. This was a beautiful story because it was realistic and no one jumped into things without thinking. And I like that in books. Also seeing a man love another man's child is something that aches in the heart and makes you fall more in love with that man. Simply beautiful! A 5 out of 5 stars and a definite Good Choice for reading!"

Also, there are a handful of reviews on Good Reads too! This is one of the 4-Star reviews:

"Soldier on Her Doorstep is at heart a very simple story. Yet I was left feeling a little moved. It was very subdued. No overwrought antics, no histrionics, no immediate lust-at-first-sight. But rather, a slowly-evolving and realistic jouney of two people falling in love . . . For a sweet, gentle, emotional love story you can't go past this."

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